Enhance your commuter benefits package with our RideMatch program.

RideMatch is a rideshare program that helps employees who are interested in finding a carpool buddy search for compatible commuting companions based on certain profile preferences. It’s kind of like an online dating service, but instead of an awkward coffee date, they’ll end up saving money and maybe even making a new friend.

Why carpooling rules

•    Carpooling saves some major dinero.

The average work commute costs about $25 bucks a day. If you factor in gas, car depreciation, vehicle maintenance, and insurance, that makes about $760 a month. Sharing your daily commute means sharing the cost, which can really add up to some serious savings.

•    It can save you time.

Carpooling means VIP access to the HOV lane. Drivers that carpool and take advantage of this speedy lane can save a good 30-60 minutes in some cities on the daily commute.

•    Fewer cars. Less pollution.

People that rideshare do their part to protect the environment by reducing their carbon emissions. More than 30% of America’s global warming emissions come from transportation, 60% of which come from personally-owned vehicles.