How To File A Claim

Please note that ABG does not allow you to pay your provider directly in the WealthCare Portal. You would need to reimburse yourself and then pay your provider directly.

To be complete, a claim must include a claim form that has been signed and dated by the account holder, and the following five pieces of information:

  • Name of the recipient of the service provided
  • Name of the service provider
  • Date of the service provided
  • Nature of the service provided
  • Cost of the service provided

HRA Claims 

Claims must be accompanied with receipts for the services rendered - for HRA claims an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is required to show that the expense was applied to the insurance deductible.

Please note that Credit Card receipts or cancelled checks are not valid documentation

Claims for personal hygiene items and cosmetics are not eligible expenses

Vitamins and supplements are not eligible without a doctor’s prescription

Massage therapy and weight-loss programs are only allowable to the extent that they are prescribed for a chronic condition or existing disease and supported by a doctor’s note submitted with the claim

We will keep doctor’s note on file but they must be renewed at the beginning of each plan year

Please be aware:

Click here for a list of qualifying expenses

When you incur a reimbursable expense and are ready to file a claim you can do one of the following:

File a Claim Online through the WealthCare Portal -

download presentation

  • Browse to
  • Login to your account and find the Main Menu (top left) choose Add a Claim under the Claims menu
  • Enter your claim information, then either: Upload the receipts via the portal or fax it with supporting documentation to 877-723-0147

File a Claim Online using the ABG Smart Mobile App for smart phones and tablets

Securely Email: -

The Reimbursements Process

  • Claims are paid once a week
  • Reimbursements for completed eligible claims received in our office by noon on Fridays, typically will be processed and checks sent the following Tuesday (during our busy time your reimbursement may be processed the following week)
  • Direct deposits funds*generally will be in participant’s bank accounts on Wednesday, however, your bank may take up to three business days to process

*As part of our effort in achieving a 100% paperless office we encourage you to receive your reimbursements directly into your bank account. If your employer offers the ability to have reimbursements deposited to your bank account, you can set-up direct deposit by logging-in to your account, click Reimbursement Settings under the  Claims tab within the WealthCare Portal.