PIN Available for Your ABG Benefits Card

American Benefits Group wants to make you aware of legislation effective April 1, 2013, that impacts your myFlexResource Benefits Card.

The Durbin Amendment (Section 1075) to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires that consumers have two methods of accessing their accounts when using a benefits debit card. As a result, starting in April 2013 you will have the option of using a Personal Identification Number (PIN), or continuing to sign for qualified purchases when using your myFlexResource Benefits Card.

Please review this important information before you retrieve and attempt to use your PIN
Using a PIN to make purchases is not required, even if you retrieve a PIN from your online account. You can continue to sign for purchases, just as you’ve done in the past, by choosing Credit at the point of sale.

For PINs to work at a pharmacy or super market for prescriptions and eligible OTC items, the merchant must certify on the PIN standard. At this time NO merchants have certified, if you use your ABG Benefits Cards with your PIN at one of these merchants it will be declined, therefore you should continue to run your transactions as Credit.

To view/retrieve your PIN electronically through the WealthCare Portal, log into your account and navigate to the Card Status page. Each benefit card associated with the account will now have a "View PIN" link added to the page. Clicking this link will open a pop-up window that displays the PIN for that benefit card (the pop-up window will not open if the pop-up blockers are enabled and no exception has been entered for the WealthCare Portal). You can access the WealthCare Portal at Once you’ve retrieved your PIN, you can select Debit at the point of purchase and enter your PIN on the keypad when prompted.
Keep your Receipts! This is an IRS Requirement!

We will request copies of receipts, statements and/or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) when needed to verify the eligibility of charged items. Failure to submit documentation will cause the expense to be treated as a non-qualified expense, your card privileges will be suspended and you will be required to reimburse your benefit.