Our Service Model

At American Benefits Group, we are setting a new standard for CDHC reimbursement account solutions. We deliver a concierge service model that creates a real competitive advantage for our advisor partners and their employer clients. A dedicated account service team works closely with each and every employer client. Participants and HR staff know their team on a first name basis. It’s all about the people!

We employ the most advanced technology platforms in the market today to deliver a robust and seamless experience for participants and HR Management. Our service model offerings include:

  • Innovative CDH Solutions
  • Secure and Reliable Leading Edge Technology
  • Flexible Plan Designs – More Choices, More Opportunities
  • Self-Service Web Portals to Empower Employers and Participants
  • Multi-Purse Stacked Debit Card with High Auto-Substantiation Rates
  • Consistent Communications & Private Label Branding Opportunities
  • Advanced Benefit Management Tools - Extensive Reporting Capabilities

The results are greater participation, satisfaction and value for all stakeholders.