Reimbursement Accounts Administration


Please note that for all your Reimbursement Accounts, unless you have:

  1. Established an Ongoing Eligibility File with ABG (a connection between your HRIS or payroll vendor and our IT Department), and
  2. You have received confirmation that this file is in production from ABG’s IT Department, then…

You must notify American Benefits Group of all new enrollments, terminations, or election changes.  American Benefits Group will process your reimbursement account changes in our system upon notification and you will receive notice once the item has been processed.  Please allow two business days for processing of any requests.

To insure compliance with HIPAA and PHI regulations please make sure that all request are emailed in an encrypted manner.  If your company does not offer email encryption you can reach out to ABG to request a unique secure link.

Notify American Benefits Group at when your group has any of the following events:

Mid-plan year elections for New Hires

Complete the applicable benefit election or enrollment form and email it to in using secure email*.

You can find all our Enrollment/Election Forms here . . .

If you have more than 3 new hires at any one time please use our Enrollment Submission Spreadsheet (XLS) instead of the PDF form to submit these enrollments

Terminations for employees who lose coverage or who separate employment

Complete our Employee Termination Form and submit to

Election Changes, for employees who experience a Qualifying Life Event

Complete our Status Change Form and submit to