Open Enrollment

Are you confident your employees understand their benefit account options? Do they grasp how pre-tax accounts can help them save money and gain control over their healthcare and financial future? Consumer research indicates they don’t.

How We Can Help

We can deliver an open enrollment email campaign directly to your employees and give them the level of support they need to make account enrollment decisions that will save them, and you, money.

Our focus is providing education, tools, and support to help you articulate the value and maximize the impact of your HSA and or Health FSA programs.

We manage every component of the program, including:

  • Communication & email creation / distribution
  • Web & landing page creation and hosting

What does the campaign look like?

  • The campaign consists of a series of email communications that present specific calls-to-action, and share multimedia tools & resources to help support your employees’ open enrollment decision-making.
  • Each eligible employee will receive a series of four email communications over a four week period leading up to your open enrollment deadline.
  • The emails, landing pages, and interactive tools focus on helping employees better manage their healthcare finances — helping them understand basic terminology, diagnose their unique spending/saving needs, and ensure they choose the right account and funding level.