Transit & Parking Benefits (Section 132 Plans)

Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits allow employees (or employers) pay for transit passes, commuter highway van pool expenses and qualified parking expenses with pre-tax dollars. Monthly limits are $300 for commuter highway vehicle and transit passes and $280 for qualified parking expenses.

Option One:
American Benefits Group (ABG) Benefits Card

American Benefits Group offers all clients an ABG Benefits Card that allows employees to pay for eligible expenses at the point-of service with no out of pocket cost, and virtually eliminates claim forms.

Participants use the card to pay for eligible commuter expenses and passes at valid locations, without having to wait for reimbursements!

The card is linked directly to their individual account, and participants have 24/7 access to view their account balance, claims status and account activity through our participant web interface.

One single integrated card works for your Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, Health Savings Account and your Transportation Benefit Plan. Our sophisticated technology allows us to automatically direct claims in correct benefit order to the appropriate account.

The Debit card is compliant with IRS rules and regulations, and all claims are adjudicated for eligibility. Through, a customized, dedicated, secure web portal for employer and individual participant account access, employees can manage all aspects of the account from anywhere they have Internet access.

Option Two:
My Commuter Connect — Online Commuter Pass Fulfillment Option

As an alternative to the ABG Benefits Card payment system, American Benefits Group also is fully integrated with WiredCommute, the leading online CSA fulfillment service offering thousands of transit authorities and parking establishments. Access is provided through a seamless link within the participant account login screen.

WiredCommute is a fully compliant, cutting-edge, comprehensive program for Section 132(f) transportation benefits. A single sign-on via provides participants access to WiredCommute’s national network that includes more than 500 transit authorities and more than 9,000 parking locations. The system manages ordering of passes from transit agencies, fulfills individual orders to participants, and distributes them via USPS first class mail.

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