Direct Premium Billing

The American Benefits Group SPMpoint  Direct Premium Billing Administration system can invoice, collect and enable the rapid transfer of information and funds by eliminating much of the paperwork usually associated with administering Leave of Absence (LOA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Retiree Billing and other employer-specific billing needs. Features include flexible non-DIRECT PREMIUM BILLING employer-directed premium billing and collection processing, instant account access, instant reporting, premium billing collection with detailed employer activity and remittance reports.

Why Outsource Direct Bill Administration?

Employers often struggle with the administrative burdens associated with premium billing for retirees and employees on leave or disability. ABG can provide employers an easy and cost-effective solution for billing and collecting premiums from inactive employee populations through its Direct Bill service. Employers can rely on ABG to perform administrative Direct Bill functions on their behalf, allowing its staff to focus on business-critical objectives. You can also look forward to better cash flow through more accurate, timely billing and instant access to back-up documentation.

Direct Bill Administration:

  • Flexible employer-directed premium billing and collection process
  • Instant account access
  • Instant reporting
  • Premium billing collection with detailed employer activity and remittance reports
  • Web-based access 24/7
  • Knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives

Direct Premium Administration Services Included:

  • Implementation - ABG works with the employer to collect profile and plan information, and arrange electronic file transfers for a seamless conversion process
  • Account Management - Outstanding customer service from client service personnel with extensive backgrounds, training, and experience in Direct Bill administration and service excellence
  • Billing and Collection - Flexible Direct Bill invoice scheduling allows monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual billing cycles. ABG collects and reconciles all premiums.
    • Participants can remit payment directly to ABG via check, online payment, or direct debit from their bank account
    • Late or partial payments are handled according to specific business rules established by the client during implementation
  • Premium Disbursement - Within the first seven-ten business days of the month, the employer will receive a deposit into their account for premiums collected during the previous month
  • Eligibility Reporting - As an option, ABG can report eligibility and activity to the employer’s vendors or carriers
    • Weekly electronic reports for changes, with a full file at month end
    • ABG will also issue a detailed Remittance Advice Report listing Direct Bill premiums received for the preceding billing period by participant
  • Open Enrollment Services - Employers can either provide materials to ABG to distribute to participants or ABG will print and mail open enrollment notifications to participants and process enrollments received
    • Open enrollment services can also include updating plan/rate changes, eligibility updates to clients and carriers, availability updates, and/or additional plan updates as needed
  • Termination of Coverage - ABG will notify the employer of terminated participants and administer termination in accordance with the employer’s business rules
  • Online Reporting – Reporting options are available for all data and activities captured in the database. Virtually any type of report is downloadable 24/7 from the Web site including:
    • Direct Bill Status - Direct Bill participant status including eligibility end date, paid through date, coverage types, and start and end dates 
    • Direct Bill Employee List – Demographic and status information for all Direct Bill participants
    • Carrier Remittance – View, at the carrier level, the premium collected from a Direct Bill participant and applied to the remittance statement