Opt-Out of Paper Statements

As of 7/1/2018 Avidia Bank is charging $1.25 per month for mailed statements. If you do not want to incur this fee and are able to access statements through the WealthCare Portal, than you can opt-out of receiving mailed statements.

To opt-out: browse to https://www.amben.com/wealthcare 
On your Personal Dashboard find the HSA Document Delivery Preferences. You can Opt for electronic delivery only, for both Tax Forms and Statements.

Check Orders

You can order checks anywhere you wish. Please note if you use the order link below you will recieve 25 checks for $8.00.

Transfer Form (Transfer Existing HSA Funds to Avidia Bank)
Depending on the existing custodian it could take up to 6 weeks before the Transfer Check is sent to Avidia Bank.