Administrative Services

COBRA is a challenging and complex law with severe consequences for non compliance. Fines of hundreds of dollars per employee can be assessed for every day that your organization is not in compliance with the rules. Is that really a risk that’s worth taking?

American Benefits Group’s complete COBRA Services will reduce your costs and mitigate that risk. What are the most challenging aspects of administering COBRA in your organization? Is it tracking qualifying events? Managing premium billing and collection? Perhaps your team is trying to keep up with ever-changing COBRA regulations while performing the scores of other duties necessary to keep your department running smoothly.

Why Outsource with COBRA Administration to American Benefits Group?

Increased Productivity
By eliminating time-consuming, confusing, manual COBRA compliance, such as manual preparation and mailing of notifications, paper document storage and employee history and eligibility tracking, American Benefits Group allows you to access and maintain your company's COBRA activity faster and more accurately.

Specialized Expertise
Certified COBRA Administrators manage every detail of your COBRA eligibility, notification billing and premium collection requirements. American Benefits Group employs the most advanced specialized COBRA software applications to ensure a seamless administrative process that automates eligibility tracking.

Rapid Implementation and Access
Your liability and costs will immediatly be reduced. Our services can be implemented in as little as 15 days. No software for you to install or maintain, and your internal HR administrative resources will be relieved from the time, expense and hassle of managing the complexities of COBRA administration.

Predictable, Affordable Costs
A relationship with American Benefits Group will reduce your internal costs of COBRA Administration by as much as 60%. We provide a full service 100% compliant solution to all COBRA administration requirements on a monthly fee basis that is a predictable and a fraction of the internal cost of administration.


  • Setting up your records on our proprietary system with electronic document archival and secure COBRA documentation
  • Distributing notifications, correspondence, election packets, and COBRA termination notices as required by law
  • Processing election forms and carefully tracking all key dates to ensure accurate and timely responses to COBRA administrative requirements
  • Viewing health plan information, rates, and payment information
  • Maintaining qualifying events and HIPAA loss-of-coverage data on-line
  • Downloading your qualifying event data, HIPAA loss of coverage data and notifications
  • Accepting and processing COBRA notification data via Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) file format
  • Mailing the appropriate COBRA election package, HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage, or the COBRA rights notification forms when files are received
  • Keeping you informed with regularly-scheduled, extensive status reports
  • Providing HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage (optional)
  • Mailing the appropriate COBRA election package, HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage, or the initial COBRA rights notification forms when files are received
  • Collection of premiums and consolidating monthly reporting and remittance to the employer

Click here for the COBRA Compliance Checklist