Consultant Services

American Benefits Group offers a full service NFP reimbursment account solution that offers you and your employer clients "Empowering Technology. Exceptional Service." in strengthening their benefits program. As our advisor partner, we want you to be entirely confident that American Benefits Group stands apart from other TPA providers in the market today.

The first serious differentiator is Our Service Model. American Benefits Group considers customer service a sacred duty to you and your client. Every employer works with a dedicated account services team. Our professional benefits administrative staff provides personalized interaction with your company's representatives, attentive answers to any participant questions, and fast and accurate processing of all participant claims.

American Benefits Group is dedicated to meeting your needs with world-class technology solutions. Whether your employer client is small, large, private, publicly-owned, non-profit or a government entity, American Benefits Group is ready to work with you!

Online Services
Our comprehensive website provides world class technology to enable 24-hour access for both employer and employee account management and reporting. Standard tools include:

  • Online Enrollment – your clients can complete a 100% paperless enrollment right inside of our administration platform
  • Multi Purse Smart Debit Card – one card works with all of your clients reimbursement accounts - FSA, HRA, HSA, and 132 Transit & Parking
  • Online Claim Entry – Participants can conveniently enter a their claims online
  • Custom Branding Options – the participant and employer interface can be branded to your firm or your employer client
  • Digital Claims Fax Technology – all faxed receipts and forms are stored digitally and attached to the claim for instant future reference
  • Integrated single user interface - for FSA, HRA, HSA and Commuter Accounts
  • Seamless Connections – such as our online Wired Commute transit and parking interface and single source debit card system enhance ease of use, convenience and participation in these benefit programs

In addition, our participant portal provides customized downloadable forms, video tutorials, concise answers to Frequently Asked Questions and detailed information about reimbursement account rules and claim submission.

Lightening Fast Response
Whether solving a problem or simply processing claims, ABG maintains a 24-hour turnaround schedule. We understand that quick claims processing is vital or reimbursement submissions and is committed to responding to each claim promptly.

ECO-FLEX the 100% Paperless FSA/HRA/Transit Solution
We offer the most environmentally friendly solution in the market today with a fully paperless solution that combines web-based communications, enrollment and claims entry with our smart debit card and direct deposit of reimbursements. We also offer traditional paper communications, enrollment, checks and statements as an option. It’s the employer’s choice. Click here for more information

Full IRS Compliance
We carefully review each claim submitted to ensure full IRS compliance. Skilled adjudicators process each submission and contact the employee with any questions, allowing your companies complete confidence that the administration of your plan is IRS compliant and eliminating the possibility of costly fines and/or termination of the plan.

To request a customized client/prospect plan solution simply provide us the following:

  • Plan type (FSA/HRA/Commuter/HSA) and effective date
  • Total number of eligible employees, (new or existing plan - if existing, please provide present number of participants)
  • The employer group's company name

Within 24-hours you will receive a responsive quote personalized with the employer group's name and benefit solution, which will be emailed to you for presentation to the group. Please email proposal requests to or call us at 800-499-3539 to discuss your client needs.