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Setup Multiple Reimbursement Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts are allowed special treatment under section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, Which allows employees a choice between tax-free benefits and cash compensation. Commonly referred to as Cafeteria Plans, Section 125 Plans, POP (premium only) and FSA plans, these plans allow employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain qualified expenses.  Learn More >

Setup Flexible Spending Account Plan (FSA)

Health Reimbursement Arrangements are employer-funded accounts with the flexibility to customize designs and usage. When combined with group health plans, HRAs are a powerful tool for rewarding and encouraging healthy decisions and behaviors, while keeping premiums costs under control.  Learn More >

Health Savings Accounts are employee owned tax-favored savings accounts with a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) allowing payment for qualifying healthcare expenses with tax-free dollars. Learn More >

COBRA & Direct Premium Billing can be difficult to administer. Just keeping up with the rules and regulations can be a full-time job, and that’s why you should check out American Benefits Group. We make it easy so you can focus on other important tasks. Learn More >

Commuter Transit & Parking Benefits - Section 132 Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits allow employees (or employers) to pay for transit passes, commuter highway van pool expenses and qualified parking expenses with pre-tax dollars. Learn More >