Lifestyle Accounts

Introducing The Lifestyle Spending Account

The Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) provides another benefit option to deliver to employers to help them connect more personally with a varied and remote workforce.

The LSA allows employers to offer yearly, monthly or payroll-funded post-tax dollars to their employees to use for a nearly limitless range of lifestyle and wellness purposes – from gym memberships to tuition support to groceries. Employers simply elect to add the account to their benefit offering, designate the amount they wish to contribute per employee, and determine any limits they’d like to set for specific service types (i.e., a $500 limit for annual gym membership fees). Employees can then access those funds in the form of a convenient debit card, or get reimbursed for purchases through check, direct deposit or payroll. The benefit debit card is supported by an intuitive, easy-to-navigate online account experience.