Retirement Medical Savings Accounts RMSA

Welcome, American Benefits Group is now administering your RMSA claim reimbursements. If you have questions about submitting your RMSA claims or recurring premiums you may call 855-482-5246.

Reimbursement Timing: Claims received by the 15th of the month will be paid on or about the last day of the month. Claims received by the 30th of the month will be paid on or about the 15th of the month.

Direct Deposit: Sign up for Direct Deposit Reimbursement. To expedite your reimbursement we encourage you to sign up for convenient Direct Deposit Reimbursement. Reimbursements received via Direct Deposit will post to your account faster than reimbursement checks received through the mail.  Direct Deposit reimbursement will typically post to your account one business day after processing compared to waiting 7-10 days for a reimbursement check to arrive in the mail. If you choose the Direct Deposit method of reimbursement, you will receive an Advice of Deposit that includes a detailed reconciliation of your reimbursed claims. A direct deposit reimbursement form is enclosed for your convenience.

Claim Forms: Instructions for filling out the claim form, including a description of the information that must be included on the receipt, invoice or statement accompanying your claim form that satisfies the IRS documentation requirement is located on the reverse side of the claim form.  If you have monthly recurring non-group health premiums (such as Medicare Part B) that you wish to pay through the RMSA, you may seek reimbursement using the Recurring Premium Expense Claim Form included with this letter. 

Here you can find a list of Eligible Medical Expenses

Submit forms by . . .
fax: 877-723-0147
mail: RMSA Claims, American Benefits Group, PO Box 1209, Northampton, MA 01061-1209