January Plan Renewal Process

IMPORTANT: Please click the LINKS in this document to access the FORMS you will need and for the DETAILED STEPS of your plan renewal.

One or more of your reimbursement accounts is set to renew on January 1st for the 2021 plan year. 

In order to renew your plan, regardless of the enrollment method you choose, please complete and return our Plan Renewal Form to by October 16th and send all employee enrollments no later than December 1st.

The enrollment methods available to you vary by type of reimbursement account, detailed steps of which are outlined in our Plan Renewal Form.  Here is a summary of those methods:

Available Enrollment Methods

ABG Online Enrollment

  • Employees make their elections online using ABG’s WealthCare Portal

(no census file is needed for this method, as new enrollees create their own demographic records in the system)

Your Own Enrollment Method

Collect enrollments using your own method and submit them to ABG no later than 12/1.  You may submit your enrollment data either by:

(if you are using this method, you will need to contact ABG to let us know when you are sending the 2018 data)

Rolling Benefits Option for Commuter Plans Only

  • Since Commuter benefits are month-to-month, you may have ABG extend your Transit or Parking plan indefinitely and roll employees’ December elections into January, without them having to make an active election for the benefit month

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Employees must actively make an election for their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) each plan year. Because of this, General Purpose Health FSAs, Limited Purpose FSAs and Dependent Care Assistance Programs (DCAP) cannot be automatically renewed.

Please send a completed Plan Renewal Form to indicating your intention to renew and your renewal method by October 16th. See the chart above and the Plan Renewal Form for details about renewal methods.

Carryover Provision Changes!

ABG is changing how we administer the Carryover Provision for Health FSAs and Limited Purpose FSAs. 

Employees must make a new plan year Health FSA election to receive Carryover Provision funds

Employers who have adopted the Carryover Provision will have to restrict the availability of rollover dollars only to employees who make an active election in the new plan year.  This means: In order to carryover funds from 2020, employees must make an election for the 2021 plan year. 

Health FSA minimum annual election is $100

As part of this, employers should set a minimum Health FSA electionamount – this will be set to $100 unless a different minimum is communicated to ABG prior to open enrollment, or unless a plan already has a greater maximum.

Does my organization have to change how the Carryover Provision works?

No.  However, If your organization does not wish to require an active election for employees rollover Carryover Provision funds, then you will need to agree to the following:

  1. Notify us of terminations for all employees who received Carryover Provision but did not have active, new plan year elections
  2. Offer COBRA to terminated employees with a Carryover Provision balance (they will not have a premium to pay for this, but they will have to accept the Health FSA COBRA in order to benefit from it)
  3. For COBRA participants who had a balance at the end of the plan year, continue their COBRA for 18 months from their COBRA event date

Please see our page on for more information

Educational Resources for Participants

FSA Home:

Calculator Link - How Much to Contribute?

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Eligible Medical Expenses - Eligible Medical Expenses

Informational Flyers

Enrollment Kit - Sign Up for a Pay Raise

Save Money Flyer - I Could've Had an FSA

Vision Flyer - Improve Your Focus

Dental Flyer - Brace Yourself

Commuter Transit and Parking

You may use ABG’s Online Enrollment for your Transit and Parking, or if you typically integrate your Commuter benefits into your own open enrollment process, may send those elections to us in a file from your benefits system or via our Enrollment Submission Spreadsheet.

2021 - Pre-Tax Limits for Transit & Parking - there is no increase from 2020

There is a pre-tax limit set by the IRS for monthly Commuter benefits. 

  • Transit = $270 per month
  • Parking= $270 per month

Educational Resources for Participants

Transit & Parking Home:

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

ABG understands that HRA renewals are dependent on the renewal process of the integrated Group Health Insurance Plan(s), therefore you may not necessarily have your HRA renewal data to send by our deadline of December 1st

If this is the case, please still indicate your intention to renew via our Plan Renewal Form (see right column) by October 16th, then send your enrollment data securely to using our Enrollment Submission Spreadsheet once that data becomes available to you.

In addition to a completed Plan Renewal Form and employee enrollments, to renew your HRA we also will need from the underlying 2021 integrated Group Health Insurance Plan – the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and the insurance benefit summary (see our Plan Renewal Form for details).

If your plan is subject to Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Mandatory Reporting, you must provide detailed demographic information for employees, covered spouses and dependents – see our Plan Renewal Form for more details and our Enrollment Submission Spreadsheet for the required fields (only HRAs that have the potential to reimburse an employee $5,000 or more within a plan year, including carryover from the previous year, are subject to this reporting)

Educational Resources for Participants

HRA Home:

Important Benefit Updates

Carryover Provision

If you have not adopted the Carryover Provision for your Health FSA or Limited Purpose FSA, please consider offering this new benefit—it will allow employees who make an active election in the following plan year to rollover up to $550 of their 2020 year-end balance into the 2021 plan year. Learn More

Health FSAs as Excepted Benefits

Most Flexible Spending Accounts are classified as Excepted Benefitsand therefore are not subject to many of the PHS ACT requirements for Group Health Plans. Please see our Plan Renewal Form for more details.

Health FSA Plan Year Maximum Remains $2,750 for 2021

Please note that spouses may have a separate health FSA with a maximum of $2,750 under their employer’s plan.


Integrated Voice Response (IVR) System 

ABG’s IVR provides 24/7 access to employees account information via telephone. Employees will be able to use the system to:

  • Check account balances
  • Check recent transaction
  • Retrieve PIN number
  • Report ABG Benefits Card Lost or Stolen

For All Benefit Renewals

Caution – after Open Enrollment, but before the start of the Plan Year!

No matter which open enrollment method you use, please be careful to communicate any changes to elections, enrollments or the eligibility status of employees between the close of your open enrollment and the beginning of the plan year. This includes new hires and terminations. ABG will not know of any changes that occur after open enrollment, unless they are communicated to us independently of your open enrollment process.

ABG Benefits Card

Remind your employees to keep their cards—they are active for 3 years from the date of issue.

Learn More


ABG WealthCare Mobile App

Your employees can their check balances, recent transactions, submit claims and more, directly from their smart phone.

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Please feel free to call us at 800-499-3539 or email if you have any questions about or need assistance with the renewal process.