Why is verifying my employee census important?

The online census verification process ensures that we have complete and accurate data in order to complete the nondiscrimination testing required by the IRS.

If you do not verify your census, your nondiscrimination tests may be based on inaccurate data, and this could mean that Highly Compensated Employees might receive erroneous or unnecessary refunds.

Please ensure the following information is correct on our retirement plan recordkeeping system:

  • All employees who received compensation during 2012 who are not explicitly excluded from the plan (per
  • Section 14 of the Adoption Agreement) have been reported.
  • Each employee’s gross compensation, deferrals, actual hours worked, employment status, and employer contribution matches your payroll records.
  • Highly Compensated Employees are identified.
  • Employee ownership is identified.

Last update on September, 4 2013 by Elizabeth Bonney.

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