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Who is Eligible for New Health Insurance Premium Tax Credits?

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What premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies are available to individuals in 2014 and who is eligible for them?

To assist individuals and families who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and are not offered affordable health coverage by their employers, a refundable tax credit (the “premium tax credit”) and a cost sharing subsidy will be available beginning in 2014 to help pay for insurance purchased through an Exchange.

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Are You Really Saving Money By Self Administering Your HRA?

Category: Cafeteria Plans, CDHC, COBRA, Compliance and Regulatory, Flexible Spending, FSA, Health Care Reform, Health Reimbursement, HIPAA, HRA, Medicare, Taxes,

Posted by RENEE KUHS, Compliance Attorney

Do you think you’re saving money by administering your health reimbursement arrangement (HRA)?  In our experience, many employers that self-administer an HRA often overlook important compliance obligations that put them at financial risk.  Failure to comply with the following requirements is common and can be costly.

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