What is MyMedicalShopper?

A revolutionary healthcare comparison shopping platform

  • Industry’s leading real-time medical shopping tool
  • Proprietary machine learning technology adds “secret sauce” to more than 3 billion annual medical claims in our massive data warehouse
  • Comprehensive solutions that empower consumerism and reward employees for choosing lower-cost care
  • Opportunity to reduce total medical costs for employers by over 41%

Empower medical consumers so they
never overpay for healthcare again.

Why MyMedicalShopper?

Because prices paid for medical tests and procedures by insured patients vary wildly across healthcare providers

  • Our data shows we often pay 5 to 10 times more than we need to
  • Significantly reduce annual healthcare spend and future premiums
  • Annual savings potential of:
    • $470,000 per year for typical groups of 100 employees
    • $9.3 million per year for typical groups of 2,000 employees
    • $47 million per year for typical groups of 10,000 employees
  • Slick mobile apps for Apple and Android make shopping easy!
  • Patent-pending MyMedicalRewards™ program drives employees to shop for their care, even when spending employer dollars
  • Employer Dashboard monitors engagement and highlights savings
  • MyMedicalMetrics™ provides actionable insights and deep analytics to compare your group’s claims experience to the greater population

Who should use MyMedicalShopper?

Self-funded or fully insured employers who want to reduce their annual healthcare spending, especially those who offer high-deductible health plans and/or tax-advantaged accounts (like HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, etc.)

How much can I really save on procedures?

Metabolic Panel
MRI of the
Nuclear Stress
Lower Price Paid $18 $499 $1,416
Highest Price Paid $304 $1,655 $7,282
YOU CAN SAVE $286 $1,156 $5,866
Distance between providers 0.9 miles apart 0.9 miles apart 14 miles apart