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eClaims Manager

ABG is pleased to announce the release of eClaims Manager in partnership with Alegeus Technologies and Health Expense. This service helps you consolidate insurance Explanation of Benefits with Consumer Driven Healthcare Accounts.


eClaims Manager

The most effective way to simplify your employee benefits in 2015 is to provide tools that lower costs, empower employees to educate themselves, manage and control where and how employees spend their healthcare dollars.

Health care reform presents unique challenges and opportunities for employers.

Health care reform typically attempts to:

  • Broaden the population that receives health care coverage through either public sector insurance programs or private sector insurance companies 
  • Expand the array of health care providers consumers may choose among
  • Improve the access to health care specialists
  • Improve the quality of health care
  • Give more care to citizens
  • Decrease the cost of health care

As healthcare becomes more complex, Employers are looking for trusted guidance source that leads to a clear road map to providing employee benefits. From insurance to HDHP/HSAs, FSAs and HRAs, understanding your options become important. More important is how to effectively empower and educate their employees on maximizing their benefits.

There is a spectrum of approaches to help employers reshape their health benefits programs, optimize their own costs in 2015 and beyond, and direct employees to advantageous coverage options. Employers need to select the approach that aligns with their total rewards philosophy and provides optimal value.

eClaims Manager can significantly improve the view of healthcare financial management. From consolidated and easy claims management and payments to incentives and rewards, time saving provider communication tools, eClaims Manager is one place that can improve the healthcare financial management for your employees.

Your employees will be provided with the visualization tool in the Wealthcare Portal that helps them have up-to-the-minute snapshot of their healthcare costs.

eClaims Manager provides you with tools to navigate the changing Healthcare industry.

How do your Employees manage their healthcare?

Employees state that knowing what to pay is the most challenging event about their medical bills. Expenditures are tracked automatically and you can help your employees maximize their healthcare dollars. Employees are looking for a convenient and secure way to consolidate, view and manage the multiple website and mobile locations and vendors, understand their bills, payments, bridge their insurance EOB and claims and CDHC account claims.

eClaims Manager is a fast and convenient solution that allows Employees to automatically track deductibles and expenses, manage claims and get reimbursed quickly.

eClaims Manager is a comprehensive healthcare financial management solution in the Wealthcare Portal. It is fully HIPAA-compliant privacy protection.

eClaims Manager Delivers Insurance and Financial Healthcare Benefits into a single view:

  • Digital Explanation of Benefits (Medical and Dental Expenses)
  • Bill Management
  • All CDHC Transactions
  • Reimbursements
  • Payments
  • Receipt Manager

Address the Gap between Insurance and CDHC

Finally a simple, convenient and efficient healthcare financial management solution where our clients can manage their insurance Explanation Of Benefits, Consumer Driven Accounts (HSA, FSA, HRA, etc.) including transactions and payments!

Premium eClaims Manager with HealthExpense has been proven to effectively:

  • Enable employees to automatically manage their healthcare expenses in one place, including, tracking deductibles and out-of pocket expenses.
  • Provide results in cost transparency so that employees have a better understanding of their bills.
  • Enable employees to make informed healthcare choices that ultimately result in lower healthcare costs and reduced long-term health benefit costs
  • Help employees efficiently manage costs, claims and healthcare payments
  • Save employees time managing healthcare and benefits
  • Integrate insurance, EOBs, claims, consumer driven health care 
  • Optimize employees health plan and tax savings benefits
  • Provide a safe, secure, HIPAA compliant and private solution
  • Deliver the best healthcare financial management tool on the market.


  • Increase substantiation rates for employees’ debit card expenses by leveraging a participant-powered data feed to access health plan and carrier claim data.
  • Improve the healthcare financial management for your employees.
  • Consolidate the view of Explanation of Benefits and Consumer Driven Healthcare Accounts.

How it Works

  1. The participant logs into the WealthCare Portal and links their insurance accounts.
  2. HealthExpense populates the participant’s healthcare claims, benefits information and Claims data into the WealthCare Consumer & Administrator Portal.
  3. The health expenses are automatically matched to the Claims and the payment is substantiated requiring no additional manual processing and limited to no paperwork from participants.


eClaims Manager saves your employees time by automatically capturing and sending manual claims.

Learn More

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