Where can I go if I have questions or want more information on COBRA?

COBRA continuation coverage laws are administered by several agencies. The Departments of Labor and Treasury have jurisdiction over private-sector group health plans. The Department of Health and Human Services administers the continuation coverage law as it applies to state and local governmental health plans.

The Labor Department's interpretive responsibility for COBRA is limited to the disclosure and notification requirements of COBRA. If you need further information on your rights under a private-sector plan, or about ERISA generally, contact the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) electronically at askebsa.dol.gov or call toll free 1-866-444-3272.

The Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury, has issued regulations on COBRA provisions relating to eligibility, coverage and payment. Both the Departments of Labor and Treasury share jurisdiction for enforcement of these provisions.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offer information about COBRA provisions for public-sector employees. You can write them at this address:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
7500 Security Boulevard
Mail Stop C1-22-06
Baltimore, MD 21244-1850.

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