SB1339 Bay Area Commuter Benefits is Official

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San Francisco recently took a major step in helping both its hard-working citizens and the environment. On March 26, 2014, the SB 1339 Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program became official. Now the Bay Area Air District and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will be working together with their regional Bay Area commuter policy, which mandates that all employers with 50 or more full-time employees, offer commuter benefits to both full-time workers and those that work at least 20 hours a week. Employers have until September 30, 2014, to comply with the SB 1339 Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program.

According to, the SB 1339 Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program allows employers to offer one of four commuter benefit options:

  • Allow employees to exclude their transit or vanpool costs from taxable income, to the maximum amount of $130 a month
  • Provide a transit or vanpool subsidy of up to $75 per month
  • Provide free or low cost bus, shuttle or vanpool service
  • Offer an alternative employer-provided commuter benefit

According to MTC Chair, Adrienne Tissier, “When implemented, this benefit has the potential to save employees hundreds of dollars per year, while helping reduce traffic congestion and improve ridership on our region’s extensive public transit system. We are excited to be carrying this idea forward from the local level to the regional level, where it will benefit over a million Bay Area workers.”

 For more information about The SB 1339 Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program, click here.

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