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Introducing Deborah Meek

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Introducing Deborah Meek, Business Development Director

We have some great news to share. We’re super excited to announce the addition of Deborah Meek as our new Director of Business Development. Deb is a long time industry veteran and sales leader and we're very pleased to have her on our team! Her responsibilities will include developing strategic ways of helping ABG clients maximize their CDH strategy through the company’s service offerings, as well as introducing new employers to ABG’s highly differentiated service and technology offerings.

Deb is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in the CDH and TPA industry. Before joining ABG, Deb served as senior sales consultant with leading organizations such as UMR, Chard Snyder and Infinisource. Deb is going to be dedicated to working with the NFP Cleveland team as well as our Central region offices. She and I will be tag teaming together as she integrates into everything ABG/NFP. We’d love to reach out to the whole team shortly to give Deb a proper NFP introduction!

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